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Stay Warm During the Season With NFL Cold Weather Gear

Published Nov 16, 2012

The length of the NFL season (over 5 months) means that football will be played in multiple seasons, but only in the NFL will you see such extremes in temperature. From the opening games in August to the Playoffs in January, the season stretches from the dog days of summer to the depths of winter.

How extreme can the temperature swing be in the NFL? The hottest temperature ever recorded for a NFL game was 130 degrees in a Saints home game against the Los Angeles Rams in 1971, which the Saints won 24-20.  On the flip side, the coldest game was the famous "The Ice Bowl" at Lambeau Field on December 31st, 1967, which had a temperature of -13, and a wind chill of -48.  Now that's cold. Cold games aren't a thing of the past however, just 4 years ago the Packers and Giants played the NFC Championship on the frozen tundra of Lambeau with a gametime temp of -4.

Broncos-jacketAre you prepared to watch your team play this winter?  With so many games still to be played in cold weather stadiums this year, it's a great time to pick up NFL cold weather gear including a NFL winter coat or knit hat for your favorite team.  We have everything to help you keep warm in your favorite open-air stadium, from Green Bay Packers Scarves to Chicago Bears hoodies, and Denver Broncos Knit Hats to New York Giants sweatshirts. You can't throw snowballs without Philadelphia Eagles gloves, and if you didn't have a Patriots jacket you probably missed the origin of the tuck rule.  So don't let cold weather stop you from missing live NFL action, no matter what season or temperature!

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